365 Raw: Day 5 with “zucchini spaghetti”

I woke up the morning of Day 5 feeling “horrible”. The detox symptoms were still plaguing me from the night before. I tossed and turned all night. When I slept, I slept hard. When I woke, I hurt. My glands were swollen, my throat was scratchy, I was so thirsty, and I had lots of drainage from my sinuses. The Husband could tell I felt awful. He took the kids to church without me. By lunch I felt better… and even better after dinner. I took it easy all day though, in fact, never got out of my pajamas.

veggiespiralslicerWe had “family game night”, which is always filled with plenty of entertainment. Four of the cooked vegans had brown rice spaghetti with organic pasta sauce and green beans. The 10-year old is off grains though, so we made her some zucchini noodles with the machine pictured. We wanted to come up with a way for her to have “spaghetti” (and I’ve wanted a spiral slicer for a year now), so we’re giving this device a try. We’ve only used it a couple of times so far. It does a fine job for the price. Eventually, I hope to convert the rest of the family to zucchini pasta… shhh, don’t tell ’em.

I had a large salad. My bowl was rather large for eating while playing a game, but we made it work. It ended up being a good day despite how it began.


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What I read: Job 6-9grapetomatoes

What I ate:

  • Breakfast – Ten oranges juiced with electric citrus juicer
  • Lunch – 10 Bananas blended with 8oz of water – YUM!
  • Dinner – 1/2 large watermelon, 13 oz of romaine, 1 cup of grape tomatoes, and 1 cup of golden tomatoes with fruity dressing (2 cuties, 1 cup of grapes, parsley, cilantro blended together)
  • PM Snack – 3 cuties

Here are the notes I made regarding my symptoms throughout Day 5:bigsalad5

  • slowed digestion (gas, abdominal pain, bloating) – I’m wondering if the gas has more to do with sipping from a straw?? It’s more like air bubbles than gas now.
  • headaches – woke with one that went away
  • puffy hands, feet, and face (thank you, salt)
  • sinus congestion – started the day bad, ended much better
  • dry/itchy eyes, skin, and scalp
  • acne – clearing
  • aching muscles and muscle spasms – terrible in the morning
  • foggy brain – clearing
  • irritability – bad that night
  • mood swings – none
  • blood sugar fluctuations
  • fatigue, but unable to sleep well – difficult night’s sleep, woke feeling horrible
  • unquenchable thirst (again, thank you, salt) – woke really thirsty, drank more water
  • cravings – none.

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