the hatred within

My Papa is a blogger too. Today, he posted on a topic that I believe applies greatly to those trying to break free… Hate. Please read his post entitled, Hate is not Murder… It’s Suicide and then join me back over here for more on the matter.

How many of us actually know the true definition of the word, hate? I think some people believe it simply means to dislike something (like a food you don’t enjoy the taste of), but it goes much further than that. Hatred rots us from the inside out. It elevates our blood pressure. It taints our perspective. It clouds our judgement. It crowds out and kills love. Hatred results from and contributes to bitterness and unforgiveness. Harboring these things in your heart will kill you eventually. If it doesn’t physically kill you, it will kill your ability to live in freedom. You will remain in bondage, not living to your full potential, and ultimately dying in the wilderness, never having entered your “promised land” on earth.

Spend a day actually listening to the thoughts running through your mind. What do you spend your time thinking about? God cares what goes on in our thought-life. His Word tells us to dwell on righteous and pure things. I am learning that our thought-lives are pivotal in living free. If we walk about with hatred in our hearts, we certainly aren’t walking in the light with God.

What kinds of hateful thoughts are running through your mind? Take them captive into the obedience of Christ, and ask Him to change them. Ask Him to teach you forgiveness. Ask Him to teach you compassion. Ask Him for wisdom and understanding. If we do this, our hearts will thank us,and we’ll place ourselves in a posture that welcomes freedom. If we don’t, well, my Papa is absolutely correct… we’re committing physical and spiritual suicide.


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