365 Raw: Day 3 with “Date Night”

I woke up the morning of Day 3 feeling “better”. I felt a bit groggy initially, but that wore off quickly. I didn’t have a headache for most of the day – hooray! I love Day 3, it’s usually when I cross-over into feeling much better… if I’ve been eating enough food that is.

This was another “down day” for me. I’m really not accustomed to having this many days “off” in a row. I kind of like it. During lunch, the Husband asked if I’d like to go out on a date. I am certain he expected the woman who has been in her PJs almost exclusively for three days, and who has been suffering from cooked food withdrawals, to say she didn’t feel up to going. However, my answer was, “Yes, I want to see Les Miserables!” To which he chuckled and said, “Ok then, and maybe dinner at that place where you can get that raw salad you like?”

People, I’m spoiled… spoiled beyond belief. Even after telling him I want to see a movie he will likely want to sleep through, he still thinks about me and my nutritional needs. We got to the theater about twenty minutes early, which apparently wasn’t early enough because the cashier said we may have trouble finding a seat together. So, we got tickets for the next showing. The problem was, now our dinner plans were in jeopardy. We didn’t have enough time to get to Salsa Brava (they will custom make a salad for me that is oh, so delicious!). There are several restaurants near the theater, but most of them, we already knew wouldn’t have great options for a vegan, let alone a raw vegan (no, I shall not name names). My First Plate of SaladThere was a Brazilian grill that we’d never heard of, and we were parked near it, so we decided to go in and check out their menu. They had an unlimited “festival salad” bar that looked fairly promising, and the hostess said they could grill some veggies and pineapple for the Husband. This was one of those places that are “all you can eat”, except they bring the grilled stuff to you. You have this little totem on your table that you can switch from green to red. Green means, “keep bringing food” and red of course means, “stop bringing food.” The Husband kept it on green because he didn’t want to miss the grilled veggies when they came out. As a result, we had various types of meat (some wrapped in other meat) brought to our table on skewers. We would politely say, “no thank you.” We had told the waitress that we only wanted the veggies and hadn’t paid to have meat anyway, but the skewer servers didn’t get the message. We began to laugh every time one would come to the table, “would you care for some chicken hearts marinated in…” The amount of meat brought to our table in the course of an hour was shocking.

We both got the salad bar, which did have a modest variety of fruits and veggies. They had bananas still in the bunches that looked as though they were intended as decorations. I told the Husband I wished I could have some bananas (most of them were green), but I wasn’t sure we were allowed to. He marched up to the bar and picked two of the ripest ones he could find. Our waitress told us later that they put their bananas up there to ripen and use them for the fried bananas (which had egg in them). She said it was fine that we took some, but I’m thinking she was being kind. Ooops.

I piled my plate with greens and then added things like grape tomatoes, grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew, cucumbers (which I didn’t eat, but got them before I realized there were more options on the other side), beets (ick), palm hearts (yuck), with a wedge of lemon to squeeze on for a “dressing”.My Second Plate of Salad

The Husband ate from the salad bar too, but he was really waiting for those grilled veggies to show up. When they did, they were coated in Parmesan cheese. It didn’t say that on the menu and we wouldn’t think skewered veggies might be covered with cheese. He turned them down saying he couldn’t eat cheese. Although we didn’t ask them to do this, the chef came out and told us he was cooking the Husband his own skewer of vegetables without cheese. WOW! They were very accommodating and very polite. I think we’ll go back there. It was a bit pricey for plates of plants, but it’s somewhere else we know we can eat rather easily. Next time we’ll know to ask for veggies without cheese. The Husband had more options than I did on the salad bar. There was a rice dish he could eat and some other cooked or fermented items.

We left quite full, which made it easier to sit in a theater filled with junk food. The Husband wanted skittles during the movie, but I talked him out of them. I think I was able to because the movie was so engrossing that neither of us wanted to move. I cried, but I wasn’t the only one.


What I read: Genesis 8-11oranges3

What I ate:

  • Breakfast – Ten oranges juiced with electric citrus juicer
  • Lunch – 10 Bananas blended with 8oz of water – YUM!
  • Afternoon Snack – I blended up half of a watermelon to take with me in the car on our date. I only drank about half of it.
  • Dinner – Ate out 🙂 See description above.
  • PM Snack – Sipped a little watermelon juice, but it didn’t taste as good after sitting in the van for three hours.

Here are the notes I made regarding my symptoms throughout Day 3:

  • slowed digestion (gas, abdominal pain, bloating) – still having a little gas, but it doesn’t smell. No abdominal pain, frequent eliminations, and very little bloating.
  • headaches – I didn’t have a headache until after I cried during Les Miserables. I did take advil before bed because my back and left knee joined my head in pain.
  • puffy hands, feet, and face (thank you, salt) – My hands are noticeably less puffy
  • sinus congestion – no blood this morning and less pressure. The pressure continued to ease throughout the day
  • dry/itchy eyes, skin, and scalp – still dry, but feeling less itchy
  • acne – clearing
  • aching muscles and muscle spasms – better till late that night
  • foggy brain – clearing
  • irritability – minimal
  • mood swings – none
  • blood sugar fluctuations – much more stable, no shaky hands between meals, no nausea
  • fatigue, but unable to sleep well – slept better, although I did wake a couple of times because of aching in my left leg. Overall, I didn’t feel much fatigue today. I didn’t have an abundance of energy either.
  • unquenchable thirst (again, thank you, salt) – Not really an issue today
  • cravings – what cravings?

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