I do, but I don’t

“FRENCH FRIES!!!!” It’s like a battle cry in my head. I want them… but I don’t. So, one side yells, “French Fries,” while the other chants, “Eat to Thrive”. They both can’t win. So, I must ask myself a few questions:

  • Am I hungry? Yes.
  • Why do I want french fries? Because they taste good.
  • Ok, so it’s the taste, not the hunger that’s driving me.
  • After having minimal cravings for them today, what triggered this “want” tonight? Stress, and worry, and feeling bad about myself. I feel bogged down by all that needs to get done. I walked into the kitchen and caught my reflection in the glass door… ugh.
  • How do french fries benefit me? They temporarily satisfy my addiction, and help me relax. They distract me from stress, from my appearance, and temporarily make me forget what was bothering me. I associate eating them with “having fun” or “enjoyment”. If I’m “having fun”, then I don’t focus so much on everything about life that isn’t fun.
  • How do french fries harm me? They keep me from facing my addiction head-on. They make my stomach hurt. They mess with my digestion which slows my body’s ability to heal. They add inches to my waistline, which contributes to that whole “feeling bad about myself” issue. They make my shoes feel like they are filled with lead when I workout, which kills my motivation. They prevent me from sleeping well because my body is working so hard to digest them while I sleep. This means that eating them tonight will ultimately affect my day tomorrow too.
  • So, do I still want french fries? Yes, I still WANT them, but I do not NEED them.
  • What would be a better option? I have some juicy grapes in the fridge.
  • How do the grapes benefit me? I won’t feel heavy after eating them. I can eat them until I’m full, and still not feel bloated or heavy. They will digest more quickly than the fries, letting my digestive system rest when I go to bed. They have more nutrients, and even some water in them. This helps fuel not just healing processes, but also future workouts. I will actually feel better after eating them.

Yum, grapes!


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