sweet sleep

This is the morning of day five and last night was the best night’s sleep since returning to low-fat, raw vegan. Perhaps it has something to do with some major soul healing that is taking place? I slept solid most of the night, which means I wasn’t plagued by physical pain either. Praise the Lord!

The Husband and I went for a really, really long walk yesterday afternoon. He let me talk out some things that were bothering me, and then I came home and got into God’s Word and prayer. One of the beautiful qualities Husband has is that he is an insanely good listener. Most of the time he doesn’t try to “fix” me or offer advice, unless I ask for it. He listens, he validates what is true, and loves me unconditionally. He will ask me what is wrong rather than assuming he knows and has the answer. He prays for me. I know this was supposed to be a post about “sleep” and how we’re doing on this raw diet, but during this week prompting us to be thankful, I simply must relay how thankful I am for that man.

I have an update on the Daughter (10) as well. She’s definitely thriving on this way of eating. Her eyes are brighter, her energy is through the roof (much to the annoyance of her siblings lol), her symptoms are clearing, and her digestion has never been more regular (another subject she’s all too free to discuss with her siblings).

The subject rose at the dinner table last night about my eating raw making the thirteen year old feel guilty about eating cooked food. I am certain it was my comments about some cooked food that did it, for which I apologized. The Husband jumped in and put it another way. He said that mom is eating this way because it makes her feel better physically. He said that he feels fine eating cooked vegan, but that he’s making an effort to eat more raw fruits and veggies because they are very good for us. He told them that mom has learned a lot of stuff about the foods that we eat, and she naturally wants to share that information with the people she loves. We suggested that the kids try to assess how they are feeling physically. If they aren’t feeling their best, then perhaps they should up their raw foods as well.

One thing that is difficult about eating this way is the passion it elicits from you. Suddenly you feel even more strongly about things. Of course, this is also a good thing as strong feelings usually prompt serious change.

Besides sleeping well last night, my face is clearer this morning, I have little to no pain in my back, no headaches, and my pants were looser yesterday. These bodies God created just amaze me with their healing capability.


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