orange juice madness

When I was a kid, I would sneak orange juice. Some kids might swipe candy or some other kind of junk food, but we rarely had those things in the house. What we did have (albeit, watered down to make it go further), was orange juice. Today it’s all I can think about because I crave it. I’m not really sure why I crave orange juice, but I do… almost daily. Some “experts” suggest that it could be an indication of vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

I do notice that there are times when I crave it more than others. For instance, if I’ve eaten high fruit, low-fat, raw vegan all day, I probably won’t crave orange juice (although sometimes I still do). In contrast, if I eat something salty, fatty… or both, I crave it like I’m going to die without it. Right now, I want orange juice… but I don’t have any. I’m regretting the vegetable barley soup and tortilla chips I had for lunch.  I should have had my “tropical spinach salad” (4oz spinach, 2 bananas, pineapple, & 1/2 an orange juiced). I wanted something to eat “right now”. The soup was made but the salad wasn’t, so I ate what was convenient instead of what would help me physically feel better. Now I’m sleepy and craving orange juice… and slightly annoyed.



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