thinking of food… er, I mean You

I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster since jumping off the “diet train”. It’s kind of like spinning around and around, but not realizing just how dizzy and disoriented you really are until you try to stop spinning. The room continues to spin and you feel horrible for a bit… you may even fall on your face. Eventually though, everything settles… gosh, I hope that’s true for this too.

I am thinking about food less and less, but I do still think about it before I get that hunger “growl”. The times I think about it most are when I’m hurting (physically or emotionally), when I watch TV, or when life goes out of my control. Gee, that realization speaks volumes.

The founder of Weigh Down Workshop may be a little “out there” on some of her religious views… I don’t know… I really haven’t looked into her beliefs on everything, but I did watch a video clip by her today. She said we should only think about food when we get the feeling of physical hunger. That’s when I realized I certainly think about it more often than that (although not as often as I did). So, if I’m not hungry, I need to stop any thoughts about eating and take them captive to Christ… which would turn my thoughts to Him instead of my next meal.

I’m still trying to decipher my hunger signals. It’s getting easier. Thank you, Lord for progress!


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