sigh of relief

I believe wholeheartedly that God has longed to bring me to this place for decades. I even dabbled with “going there” several years ago, but like Lot’s wife… I looked back. I was again consumed with the stronghold, and have been a slave to it in some capacity ever since. A few days ago everything changed. I reached the point where I stopped fighting.

I let go.

I forgave myself… and others.

I stopped struggling.

I accepted freedom.

I trust.

I handed over to God past hurts, a distorted body image, an obsession with “fixing” myself, and a personal “shrine” to the god of disordered eating (diet books, programs, apps, etc). The time has come to remove the high places!

The Lord provided me a way out, like the waters receding to make a clear path for the Israelites to escape captivity. These last few days have left me feeling rather vulnerable and perhaps even a bit vacant… but there has also been a very long, much needed, sigh of relief.



6 thoughts on “sigh of relief

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