Rebuilding: Week 4

Last week I altered and added to three small steps toward rebuilding good habits. We’ll begin with tips and then move on to what is changing during week four.

Making Time:

  • Don’t stay up late and expect to rise early. Sleep is rather important. I made the mistake of burning it at both ends last week.

Home, Home on the Range:

  • Don’t let other areas reclaim your territory. Once I moved on to other rooms to de-clutter, I found my office filling back up… and quickly. I would find things in the other areas that were supposed to go into the office and just quickly set them down instead of finding a home for them. When I moved a large cabinet from the formal living room to the basement, that one move affected four areas of the house. I’m still working on taking back three of them.

Advanced Notice Eating:

  • Write it down before you eat it. There is nothing more devastating to any meal plan than to eat something and then find out what it’s going to cost you (points, calories, whatever). Look it up before you stick it in your mouth.

Now back to reclaiming time, home, and health… one habit at a time.

Week Four

Time: Get up at 4:30 on weekdays & 5:30 on weekends. Ok, the coffee is officially out of my system. I actually slept well last night and haven’t had any afternoon crashes for the last two days… woohoo! While I have not been successful at rising early the way I planned, I have gotten up at least 15 minutes earlier than usual almost every morning. I’m going to begin crafting a morning routine to bring some structure to that time. So each day this week, I will write down one thing I would like to add to a morning routine. I’m not actually doing these things this week, I’m just making notes.

Home: Spend 15 minutes per weekday de-cluttering – Week four will continue to focus on visible surfaces and will begin in the kitchen. During this next week, I’m adding an additional 15 minutes per day to: sort through our “donation pile”, box/bag it, and schedule a pick up.

Health: Drink 2 liters of water, eat 8 ounces of greens per day, track points, and exercise an average of 30 minutes per day. – I got in 2 liters, ate the greens, and tracked points most days. Exercise was a bit spotty but I did get some in. I’m getting a bit more specific with the exercise. I want to average a minimum of 30 minutes per day (3.5 hours per week).

And now, I am ready for week four!


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