work hard today

“Everyone works hard when they want to, when they get quick results, when it’s convenient to put forth effort. The best work hard when they don’t want to, when it’s inconvenient to give it that little extra effort… and that extra effort might be just what they need to place them on top.” ~ Peter Vidmar, USA, Two-time Olympic gold medalist (1984)


I printed this quote for my daughter many months ago… and then it got lost in the chaos of my office. I found it when I began cleaning that room. Instead of giving it to the 12 year old, I pinned it to the cork board on the wall in front of my desk. It caught my eye today when I was trying to rationalize myself out of working on our Fall lesson plans. Ugh. Guilt.

There are so many other things I would rather work on. However, I know that if I don’t get this done, I’ll feel more stressed later. I’ll sacrifice something at some point; so, why not get it taken care of now, while I’m in a bit more control of what gets sacrificed. Prepping an entire school year for four kids does not yield quick results. I still have several weeks of work ahead of me, but I’m hopeful that the work will pay off in the long run.

Even though I really, really, really don’t want to… I intend to work hard today.

“Never put off tomorrow what you can do today” ~ Thomas Jefferson


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