Rebuilding: Week 3

Last week I altered and added to three small steps toward rebuilding good habits. Before I share what I’m changing when week three begins in the morning, here are tips from last week.

Making Time:

  • Remember to set your alarm. Need anything more be said?

Whoa Homey:

  • Have an running “to-do” list. On occasion I find myself standing in the house going, “um, I think I have some spare time, what on earth should I do with it?” With a list of what needs to be done, I can choose something from there.

Lean and Green:

  • Measure out the greens. Just like the water, it’s much easier to remember to eat all eight ounces of greens if they are already measured out each day. If the bag isn’t empty, I’m not done.

Let’s continue taking back time, home, and health… one habit at a time.

Week Two

Time: Get up at 4:30 on weekdays & 5:30 on weekends. Once again, last week did not go so well in the “early riser” department. We actually slept a couple nights on the sectional because we wanted to be ready to get out of dodge quickly if we got an evacuation notice (Colorado Fires). Plus, it’s been about 10 degrees cooler on the first floor during this blasted heat wave. I didn’t sleep well much of the week, kept forgetting to set my alarm, and of course did not get up early most mornings as a result. So, early rising is still the focus.

Home: Spend 15 minutes per day per weekday de-cluttering – Week three will continue focus on visible surfaces only (no insides of drawers/closets/cabinets/boxes), but only during the week. I want to have the weekends “off”. I finished my office last week (it’s still clean – shock!) and started on the formal living room. I’m still working on that area. When it’s finished, I’ll move to the basement spaces. Yippee… Not.

Health: Drink 2 liters of water and eat 8 ounces of greens per day; adding modified exercise and point tracking – I got in 2 liters every day and the greens most days. I have had enough sitting on my ever growing backside. I’m done sulking about the toe and ready to work around it if I must to burn more calories. I’ve done some resistance training this last week, modifying some moves because I can’t bend that darn big toe normally (don’t ever break your big toe, you use it way more than you realize). I was finally able to wear closed toe shoes for about an hour on Saturday. This means going for walks with the dog is on the agenda! Woohoo! As for point tracking, I wrote a post about that the other day so I won’t bore you with those details again.

There we have it. I’m ready for week three!


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