Summer Challenge: Day 3

Three days in and I’m definitely feeling better than I was the first day. I laughed a lot today. I got about 7 hours of sleep last night. It wasn’t restful sleep, but I didn’t feel “hung-over” this morning. Overall, I felt more energetic mixed with periods of extreme fatigue. I noticed very little glandular swelling today. I did have a headache after tae kwon do, but I think that’s because I was worn out and hungry. It was hot in class today. I came home and ate a lot of watermelon. I burned about 632 calories from exercise.

Now for the TMI part: The lovely monthly arrived, making this another “normal” cycle. Almost every cycle since converting to vegan over 7 months ago has been normal. This is a far cry from what’s been going on the previous 7 years. I wish I would have known that removing animal products from my diet would fix this. I’ve tried all kinds of stuff and nothing has worked until now.

I’ve continued to read through Dr. Campbell’s book, The China Study. It’s a little overwhelming at times. The incriminating evidence regarding dairy consumption alone is astounding. The Husband wants to read it when I’m finished. He’s reading 80/10/10 while he waits.

Here’s a general idea of what I ate today:

  • 4 bananas, 6oz strawberries, 4oz Kale/Spinach, 12oz water (blended into a smoothie)
  • 1.5 lb watermelon
  • 1 banana, a bunch of grapes
  • Romaine lettuce, 1 mango, pico de gallo, 1/2 avocado, & 1/4 wedge of lime
  • 5 oranges

The Husband seemed to be doing better today. He hadn’t complained nearly as much… until after dinner. I think he really wanted some of the kids’ “potacos” (baked potatoes w/ quinoa taco salad on top).

I hope this “feeling better” trend continues.


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