Summer Challenge: Day 1

Yesterday was my first day of this 12 week challenge. It was actually more difficult than I anticipated for some reason. Maybe it was because I only had five hours of sleep the night before. Maybe it was because the Husband kept asking me if I wanted chips and salsa (or he would put it like, “are tortilla chips raw?”, knowing full well they aren’t). I know he’s never done the raw thing before, so I’m trying to be patient with him while he adjusts.

Here’s a general overview of what I ate:

  • approximately 10 oranges (eaten outside while soaking up some sun)
  • 4 bananas, lots of strawberries, & blueberries mixed in a smoothie w/ 12 oz water
  • 1 mango, 1 banana, three strawberries, some blueberries, & 2 Medjool dates for a fruit salad
  • huge pile of romaine & spinach with pico de gallo, 2 Roma tomatoes, half an orange bell pepper, some cucumber, half an avocado, and fresh lime juice (quarter wedge)
  • Grapes – not sure how many, munched on them for “dessert” after dinner
  • 3 dried pineapple rings – wasn’t planning to have any dehydrated food but I was super hungry late last night and all of my bananas are what I deem “smoothie” bananas (really mushy).

The Husband is having difficulty eating enough calories in one sitting. Unlike cooked food, the raw stuff takes up more space in your stomach with fewer calories – which means he’s hungry again sooner. I’m hoping that changes by the end of the first week. He also seemed very interested in the veggie soup I made the kids for lunch. He said the smell was getting to him. Last night he kept claiming that something in the house smelled like cinnamon rolls?? Not sure what that was as I can’t remember the last time we had cinnamon rolls. I totally understand where he’s coming from. Cooked food is soooo enticing, but most of the time, what I’ve discovered after being raw for a time, is that it rarely tastes as good as it smells. It’s usually a huge let-down.

I had a few glimpses of “feeling good” yesterday – very short lived. Overall, I felt pretty bad. Over the holiday weekend we had things like donuts and coffee (not stuff we usually eat). Day one back on raw was rough. I had a headache most of the day, and was so tired that I ended up taking a four hour nap in the afternoon. The glands on the left side of my neck were swollen all day. I really wanted to take some Advil. It was in these moments that it occurred to me how often I take pain killers like Advil to make it through the day. My sinuses are suddenly draining. My face broke out on Monday and was worse on Tuesday. As for digestion, eating mostly cooked food for several days messed me up, but that began to turn around for me Monday night. My mood swings were all over the place on day one. I felt frustrated most of the day.

I did not exercise. I rested as much as possible. Unfortunately, I did not go to bed at a decent hour like I should have. I need to get more sleep at night.

So that was Day one, sure am hoping day 2 is better.


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