Almighty wall hoppin’

Every morning I try to read from a little devotional book called Breaking Free Day by Day. I enjoyed yesterday’s verse so much, I read it again today:

“With you I can attack a barrier, and with my God I can leap over a wall.” Psalm 18:29 (HCSB)

I picture Superman flying Lois Lane around Metropolis. On her own, Lois can’t leap over much more than a puddle; Yet, with Superman, leaping over a wall is possible. Obviously, Superman’s power is confined to comic books and FX tricks, while God’s power surpasses our imagination.

So often I ask God to help me fight through a barrier. I’m sure I look like a complete dork flailing my arms about and screaming, but I’m comfortable asking for help with barriers. I rarely ask Him to help me leap over walls though. I beat my head against them over and over, wondering why they won’t move. Hello, dorky fighting chick, walls are much harder to move than barriers.

I wonder if Joshua would have found it even more strange if God had told him to leap over the walls of Jericho. Can you just imagine the army standing there and then suddenly they are airborne? Even in the story of Joshua and Jericho, God didn’t tell them to “attack” until He took the walls down. They needed more than assistance, they needed Almighty-God-sized power to overtake that stronghold.

In war, strongholds don’t come down by beating your head against them. Strongholds are formidable and impenetrable. That’s why they are called strongholds. The true fighting doesn’t begin until you get inside. I must be willing to let God knock down walls or take me right over the top of them. Then I can do battle, and with God I will gain the victory.

Lord, I’m ready to leap!


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