Freedom in Tracking: Week 2

This is the second week of the “tracking challenge” the Husband and I decided to do together. I’m also on day 12 of my raw food challenge. I did have some cooked food one day last week (I was sick), but other than that, I’ve been raw. The enemy would have me see this as an “all or nothing” sort of challenge but I’m rejecting those thoughts every time they arise. “Progress, not perfection,” is what I’m aiming for here.

I have tracked my food intake for the last week. So, here’s what it looked like. According to this morning’s weight, I lost 0.6 pounds last week, which brings me to 5.2 in two weeks. The irony is that I actually ate fewer calories on average and burned more calories the second week. Go figure. Here are the numbers:

Week 2 Averages per Day:
Calories:  2,085.5
Carbs:  88.9%
Protein:  6.0%
Fat:  5.2%
Fiber:  51.7 grams
Exercise Calories Burned:  710.7

Overall Challenge Averages per Day:
Calories:  2,111.7
Carbs:  87%
Protein:  6.0%
Fat:  7%
Fiber:  52.1 grams
Exercise Calories Burned:  627.8


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