On the Raw Side II: Day 7 & Day 8

Today I’m just going to post my “stats” for days seven and eight. I have tracked what I’ve eaten but I’m not really in the mood to type it up.

Day 7 (raw)
Calories: 1,893.6
Carbs: 92%
Protein: 5.7%
Fat: 2.3%
Fiber: 44.3 grams
Exercise Calories Burned: 1,445.4

I had a really long day. My calorie intake was way too low, especially with the exercise I did (running, TKD, & skating). I went for a run in some miserable conditions. I began to feel under the weather in the evening and lost my appetite. I tried to eat some oranges but they just didn’t taste good – so I had orange juice instead.

Day 8 (62% raw)
Calories: 2,526.1
Carbs: 80.8%
Protein: 9.2%
Fat: 9.9%
Fiber: 59.8 grams
Exercise Calories Burned: 0

I woke up around 1:30 Tuesday morning with a terrible sore throat. I dozed off and on after that for several hours. Obviously I didn’t exercise. All I wanted at the beginning of the day was orange juice. Then I tried a smoothie… and more orange juice. Then the husband made me some raw soup but my taste buds rejected it. By dinner I was really, really hungry. We had wintry weather so the family decided to have black bean chilli, tortilla chips, and french fries. That sounded so good to me so I had some too. Which is why I was only 62% raw today. I went back to raw after dinner. I’m not going to let this deter me from the challenge; I’m just going to move on. I did wake up in the middle of the night sweating and swollen (probably all of the sodium in the cooked food). I’m feeling better this morning though.



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