do the work

A while back I wrote a couple of stories for Chicken Soup for the Soul. I submitted them, but never heard back about whether they were rejected or not. Part of the submission asked for my email; so, of course, I’ve received emails from the publishers ever since. Most of the time I don’t open them, but just over a week ago, I got one with a title that caught my attention.

“Eating My Idols”

How on earth could I not click on that? Great article, although the author misquoted the Bible – which I am amazed was never checked. I know it was a misquote because the extra phrase they included was what made me look it up. The line wasn’t there… in any version I tried. However, there was another phrase that would stick in my brain for days to come.

“…do the work…”

The last I checked, I don’t have a “Bewitched” nose that I can wiggle and get whatever I desire. If I want money in my savings account… I have to make a point to put it in the account and leave it there. If I want vegetables to grow in my yard… I have to plant, water, tend to them. If I want to do well in my writing class… I have to read the lessons and follow the directions. Well, the same is true when it comes to this body. It is highly unlikely that I will wake up tomorrow with a brand new body (unless I wake up in heaven that is). If I want to run a half-marathon next month, I must do the work to train for it. If I want to lose a few pounds, I must do the work it takes to track what I eat. I can’t expect God to act like Santa Clause or a genie. He’s God. He knows I (like most people) would learn absolutely nothing by having everything handed to me.

The good thing is, He will help me do the work. When I struggle, and call on Him for strength, He’s there. I’m not alone in it, but I’m also not without responsibility. This morning I did not want to run in freezing high winds. I wanted to stay inside, but I realized I wanted something else more than I wanted to skip the run. I wanted to get another training run checked off. I wanted to burn some calories. I wanted that feeling of accomplishment at the end. So, I told myself to, “do the work.”


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