Freedom in Tracking: Week 1

Just over a week ago I contemplated rejoining Weight Watchers. If for no other reason, I would have to weigh in front of someone each week. I talked to the Husband about this. He said he would support me if that’s what I wanted to do but he suggested that perhaps we could accomplish something similar without having to pay $40 a month (or whatever the rate is now). He said that I could weigh in to him. Then the topic of tracking my food came up. Tracking is one of those practices that helps me, not necessarily because I overeat all the time. No, the opposite is generally the case. I typically under-eat… and then binge because I’m so hungry. However, when I know how much food I’ve had, I am better able to  give myself permission to eat… which always preempts the binge.

So, I have tracked my food intake for the last week. I began eating RAW on day four. I forgot that the Husband and I weighed ourselves last Saturday. You see, I have worked with God these last few years to bring me to the point that I don’t think about the scale number again after I write it down. For years prior, I would tattoo the number on my mind all day… and then all week long. Now, I write it and forget it. Anyway, the point is, I didn’t realize I had numbers to share until today. According to this morning’s weight, I lost 4.6 pounds last week. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any body measurements, but I do have some other numbers to share:

Week 1 Averages per Day:
Calories:  2,137.8
Carbs:  86.0%
Protein:  6.1%
Fat:  7.9%
Fiber:  52.5 grams
Exercise Calories Burned:  544.8


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