On the Raw Side II: Guidelines

Here we go! Ok, so maybe I’m a tad crazy for doing this… again, but there is no denying that the results of my first mostly* Raw trip were pretty cool. My guidelines will stay almost exactly the same as my first challenge.

The Food

  • Raw Fruit – I’ll be eating “high fruit” and will eat whatever fruit is available at my local grocery store.
  • Raw Vegetables – Most of my veggies will be in the form of greens but I’m not going to avoid the other colors of course.
  • Raw Fats – These fats will primarily come from fruit and vegetables with limited overt fats like avocados and nuts (no oils).
  • Percentages – I’m hoping to keep my weekly averages to 80% or higher Carbs, 10% or lower each of protein and fat.
  • Fresh & bottled juices – I do own a juicer but I’m including bottled juice because I do live a very busy life.  I’m trying to be realistic and set myself up for success.  *This is why I called this “mostly” raw at the start.  Most bottled juice isn’t raw because it undergoes pasteurization. 
  • Water – I will try for 64 ounces a day – I really didn’t do well with this one last time.
  • 2000-2500 Calories per day – That seems like a lot of food for an average 30-something year old woman but I already know (from the last challenge) that my body can handle it.
  • Tracking – I plan to share my menu each day, complete with calorie count and dietary percentages such as carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber.

The Exercise

  • I’m currently training for a half-marathon, so obviously I’ll be running.
  • I’m also doing an indoor cycling class for cross-training.
  • Other activities I expect to do include: TaeKwonDo, Figure Skating, and walking the dog (although he is running with me now).
  • Tracking – I plan to share my workouts each day as well as the estimated calorie burn.

The Results

  • Weight – I will not weigh any more often than once a week. The actual scale number isn’t important to me but I’ll record the changes for anyone wanting to see what is happening there.
  • Measurements – I will take measurements on Saturday but haven’t decided how frequently I’ll do them after that.

The Effects

  • I am planning to make notes about how I’m feeling and the effect these dietary changes have on my mood, energy…etc.

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