fighting off nausea

I slept in later than usual this morning, not considering what this might mean for my indoor cycling class. I drank my “right out of bed” water and then downed about five cups of green smoothie. Normally, I have my smoothie several hours before the class. Five minutes into the workout I knew I had screwed up. We did intervals, climbing and climbing intervals. Hovering over those handle bars is the perfect position for puking. Only God knows why I didn’t throw up. Perhaps He was showing mercy on me as the embarrassment would probably mean the end of my attendance in that class. It was a difficult hour, but I finished the workout.

I made a terrible tasting smoothie tonight. I still have no idea why it was so bad but I was only able to drink about a third of it. The husband tasted it and couldn’t believe I’d made it through that much. It was date night so I resigned myself to a Naked Juice from the grocery store. Now that I look back on the day, I had quite a bit of juice.

Calories: 2,570
Carbs: 89.2%
Protein: 4.7%
Fat: 6.1%
Fiber: 44.9 grams
Exercise: burned 681 calories


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