so long old friend

Almost two weeks ago my blender died.  His last blend was a banana ice cream that my family made for my birthday.  The ice cream was too much and his motor stopped.  We have used it almost daily (and more than once a day most of the time) since October 9th.  Prior to October, we had the blender for two years and rarely used it.

The Husband began researching blenders months ago in anticipation for the demise of the one we had.  We came to the conclusion that a BlendTec would suite our needs and our budget.  We went that night to see a demonstration at Costco and came home with one.  We’ve run it through about 100 cycles in less than two weeks (it keeps count).  I love that thing.  With my old blender, I would have to shove a spoon down in it to tamp the food toward the blade.  I haven’t had to do that at all with my BlendTec.

While it was a little sad to say goodbye to my old blender, I have had no difficulty saying “hello” to my new one.


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