On the Raw Side: Week 7

This week felt so much better than week six.  After seven weeks of raw and “no poo”, I feel “lighter”.  It’s like I have more “spring” in my step than usual.  Running is a joy.  I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say that about running before… and I’ve run off and on since I was twelve.  In the past, it would take me about two miles to warm up and settle in.  Now it’s about a quarter of a mile.  My breathing is easier to control while working out too.

What seems rather amazing to me lately is the lack of illness in this house.  This is not normal for this time of year.  We’ve usually had something go through the house by now.  In fact, since going vegan back in October the only thing we’ve seen is a 24 hour fever and only my nine year old was affected.  At that time, her friends were turning up with strep and stomach flu.  All she had was the fever.  I really believe a large factor is the change in diet.

I did more reading on detox this week.  Apparently it is normal for raw vegans to go through multiple stages of detox.  One lady I ready about took 8 months for her body to completely detox.  Wow.  It comes in waves, which is manageable.

As far as food cravings, I haven’t had any significant ones.  I did notice that the family’s pizza smelled incredible last night (remember, my sense of smell is heightened).  Each week I feel more and more like I’m adopting the mentality that “food is fuel” and not entertainment.  When I think about eating something besides raw food (which isn’t often), it occurs to me that I probably won’t feel well and that my workouts may suffer.  It just doesn’t seem worth it.

We went out to lunch with friends after church.  I told the Husband not to worry about me, that I could get something to eat when we got home.  I figured I could at least eat lettuce at the restaurant.  Well, the Husband was having none of that.  He stopped off at a convenience store on the way to the restaurant and got me some cut up melons, strawberries, and two bananas.  Yes, in Colorado they sell fruit in convenience stores.  Anyway, I shouldn’t be surprised by his loving support, but I was.  I felt so special.

This week the scale moved.  I lost two pounds for a seven week total of thirteen.  I also lost 1.1 inches for a grand total of thirteen so far.  I was able to get on another pair of my jeans.  They are tight but I can get them on.  I’ve got one more pair to go.  All three are the same size, but different fits.

After almost four months of vegan (7 weeks of that raw), I’m convinced that my body responds very well to this way of eating.  Not just on a physical level but mental and spiritual as well.  Looking forward to the next week!


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