30 Days on the Raw Side: Day 25

This was day twenty-five of my raw food challenge.  I got about 5 hours of sleep last night.  I woke up feeling rested but didn’t want to get up because the covers were so warm.


The Food

  • Breakfast – Green Smoothie (9.25 oz Bananas, 6.5 oz Berries, 3/4 cup Apple Juice, 3/4 cup Coconut Water, 2.25 oz Kale, 2 oz Spinach)
  • Morning Snack – 1 large Apple, 1 Banana
  • Lunch – 10.25 oz Papaya, 10 oz Bananas, 4.25 oz Kiwi, 1 Medjool Date
  • Afternoon Snack – Um, was playing on Pinterest and forgot to eat it.
  • Dinner –  Green Smoothie (8.25 oz Bananas, 6.5 oz Berries, 3/4 cup Apple Juice, 3/4 cup Coconut Water, 2.25 oz Kale, 2 oz Spinach)
  • Evening Snack – 1 serving dried Pineapple rings, 1 Grapefruit
  • Water – 30 ounces
  • Calories – 1,855.4 (Carbs 92% / Protein 5% / Fat 3%)
  • Fiber – 59.4 grams!

The Exercise:

  • One hour of TaeKwonDo class.

The Results:

  • As of Friday I’ve lost 8 lbs and 7.5 inches.  For more information, check out my Week 3 Summary.

The Effects:

  • My energy levels are going back up – hooray!  I’m glad that sluggish week is behind me.  Detoxing is not fun.  The only thing good about it is knowing that your body is getting rid of junk.
  • I tried a papaya today… um, not impressed.  Maybe I just got a bad one?  It was really “blah”.
  • My nails are growing faster.  I’ll have to make sure I clip them more often I guess.
  • Here’s the TMI for those who want it:  I’ve read that we should be eliminating as many times per day as the number of meals we eat (is that why we have to pick up dog poo in the backyard so often?).  To be honest, I thought this was ridiculous and felt that, if it were true, it would be a side-effect I would abhor.  Well, I’m not going that often yet (although close to it) and I’m finding that it’s not that bad at all.  I see it as cleansing and quite beneficial.  The regularity helps with your hair, skin, nails, mood, and so much more.
  • Five more days… I love eating raw but I’m ready for a break from weighing, logging, and photographing my food.
  • On the cooked vegan front, the Husband discovered a marvelous recipe for vegan cornbread.  I haven’t tasted it but it has received rave reviews from vegans and non-vegans alike.  Here’s a photo of the batch he made to go with tonight’s cooked vegan dinner (rice noodles w/ a tomato based pasta sauce and a side salad).

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6 thoughts on “30 Days on the Raw Side: Day 25

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  2. I have been following you on the raw side diet. I am really excited to give it a go after my birthday( February 7). You have been an encouragement to me to want to try this. Hope I can have the discipline you have had. Please pray for me.

    • That is so exciting, Chandra! I cannot wait to hear about your journey. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂 Here is a verse to help with the discipline aspect of things: Hebrews 12:11. Lean on the Lord and He will give you strength. I will absolutely pray for you!

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