change of plans

Initially I planned to do nothing with my hair other than rinse it with water.  Today, however, I had a revelation that changed that plan slightly.  I observed that my hair was still feeling quite sticky and when I brushed it, the ends had white flakes on them that reminded me of brushing through dried hairspray.  It was at this moment when I realized that the styling products added to my hair during my last hair appointment almost two weeks ago were not coming out with just water rinsing.  I wish I had considered this possibility before now.  I could have used something to clean it off before going “no shampoo”.

Tonight I rectified the issue by doing a simple scalp massage with about 1 teaspoon of baking soda and warm water (to remove any product still on my scalp).  I rinsed that out with warm water and followed it with an apple cider vinegar rinse of the ends (to remove product from the ends).  I really didn’t want to strip the hair of the oil, just the styling product.  Fortunately, It doesn’t appear to have changed the oiliness but the stickiness seems to be gone.

I’m not planning to do anything more to it for at least another two weeks.  I’ll assess the situation at that point and decide where to go from there.  I’m hopeful that what I did today has taken care of the problem and I can be on my merry little “no poo” way.


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