didn’t want to… but I did

The Husband has wanted me to try an indoor cycling class for a while now.  I didn’t want to.  I came up with so many excuses.  Then he talked me into just riding a spin bike for exercise at the Y (not a class).  Oh my heavens!  The pain that seat inflicted was with me for days and I was only on that torture device for 15 minutes.

Well, he didn’t stop pestering me about trying an actual class.  I really didn’t want to.  This morning I was out of excuses and he says, “we’re going.”  I didn’t want to… but I did.  Fortunately, the instructor told me to make sure to take it easy my first time out.  She said I needed to get used to the bike – um, no kidding (ouch).  My muscles didn’t burn (which is a nice side effect of this vegan diet) but I could feel them becoming fatigued.  The only things that hurt were my backside and my foot.

I did have a few moments during the “standing hill climbs” where I thought I might throw up.  This meant it was time to sit down.  There was no way I wanted to christen the bow of my bike with puke on my first time out.

Will I do this again?  Yeah, I think so.


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