30 Days on the Raw Side: Week 1 Summary

By the end of the first week I have noticed an increase in energy and a new level of “restful sleep”.  My sleep improved instantly when we went Vegan but this seems to be one step further than that.  Maybe I should call it “restorative” sleep.  My skin is clearer than it has been in a really long time and I have significantly less “itching” over all (I tend to really dry out this time of year).  Even my scalp itching is subsiding;  Although, it did get worse during the first few days of going “no shampoo”.

My mood is much more stable at the end of this first week.  That wasn’t the case during the first few days though.  The significance of noting my mood is that the fifteenth anniversary of my eldest son’s birth/death is in just over a week.  I feel like I’m much more patient with the kids and so much less “snippy”.  I’m also finding it easier to “think before I speak” (thank you, Jesus!).  Minor things aren’t upsetting me as much.  So, in essence, it’s like I’m taking Zoloft (yes, I’ve been on that before)… only much better for me!

Soreness isn’t really an issue either.  I’m recovering super fast from any activity.  For example, I haven’t shoveled snow in about a year I think and I did for over an hour yesterday.  Using all those back and ab and arm muscles in a different way would normally equate to some pain and stiffness the next morning.  I’m barely sore at all and only in my back.  It feels like something a bit of minor stretching would work out rather quickly.

As far as cycle changes, I can’t note much during one week but I am hopeful that eating this way will even out irregularities there by balancing my hormones.  Wow, balanced hormones… wouldn’t that be nice?!  Of course, if my steady mood is any indication, I think it’s already heading in that direction.

So let’s get real about what happens in the bathroom.  If this is TMI for you, please skip this paragraph.  I’m including it for those who may have issues in this area.  My digestive tract seems to be working quite well – this function improved with the move to vegan and has gotten even better this last week.  Gas is rare now and none of these functions “smell” anymore.

Now for the numbers.  I did weigh and take some measurements this morning.  I lost 4.8 pounds this week and lost 3.74 inches off my chest, waist, hips and right thigh.  Most of that reduction was from my waist (hooray!).  I am very please with these numbers and even more so when I looked at my food averages for the week:

Calories: 1,879.8
Carbs: 88.2%
Protein: 5.1%
Fat: 6.7%
Fiber: 54.95 g

I’m not sure I’ve ever lost weight averaging more than 1,200-1,400 calories a day.  Even on Weight Watchers I would be in that range or sadly, much lower (yes, I know you’re supposed to only care about the points but I would occasionally check the calorie count).  So, to average almost 1,900 and drop almost five pounds?!  Yeah, that’s significant to me.  Especially since I wasn’t doing regular or even strenuous workouts.

That’s week one 🙂  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens the second week.


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