no shampoo: the sixth day

So I woke up this morning and thought, “hmm, it looks a mite less oily today.”  I’ve been reading everything I can find on going “no poo” as they call it.  Of course, my hair looks like “poo”, so the lingo doesn’t exactly apply at this point.  The dead, dry skin on my scalp is coming off now, which makes my head look like I’ve been outside on this snowy Colorado day.

A long talk with the Husband yesterday brought the realization that he equates the absence of shampoo smell with dirty hair.  He agreed that my hair doesn’t smell bad but it doesn’t smell like it did either.  And so, after my shower yesterday, I spritzed a bit of perfume on my head.  I also let it air dry instead of using the hair dryer.  It dried a bit wavy which actually helped mask the oil a bit.  I found a website where a woman took photos of her hair (I may do this as well).  Mine looks somewhere between her week one and week two photos.

I’m trying to remain positive and hopeful that this phase will pass.


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