no shampoo: the first five days

In the spirit of eating raw foods, I thought I would embark on another journey at the same time.  Try not to freak out too much, but It’s been about five days since I used shampoo on my hair.  Yes, I’ve showered and even rinsed my hair but I haven’t put anything other than water on it.  I am in the midst of some yucky looking hair right now, but at least it doesn’t smell, which is awesome.  The entertainment factor my hair has going on is priceless though.  The Husband chuckles over my “bed head” which is now sticking out several inches every morning.  Or when I reclined on the sofa last night and got up with “big hair”, he had to comment of course.  He won’t go without shampoo.  He usually waits for me to try this kind of stuff before he jumps on board.

I’ve read varying time frames for this greasy stage.  I’ll admit that I hope it’s over sooner rather than later.  Having to wear my turtle fur beanie everywhere is getting old.  I’d like to go without putting anything on it, even the “homemade” rinses I’ve read about.  If I can get away with using nothing, that would be right up my alley (convenient and cost effective).

Fortunately, my face is staying quite clear despite the added oil.


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