really, that’s all?

Getting in 2,500 raw calories is going to be a challenge all by itself!  I’ve been entering what I’ve eaten so far and at 2pm I haven’t even hit the half-way mark.  In fact, I’m 375 calories away from that mark.  I’m staring at a bowl of salad thinking, “that’s a lot of volume but not a lot of calories.”

I’ve eaten the grapes, cantaloupe, and tomato out of that bowl.  What’s left is a lot of green stuff.  Which is good, of course, but super low calorie.  I might blend it into a smoothie.

Food isn’t the only thing I’m having difficulty getting enough of.  I’m low on my water for the day also.  My plan is to drink 64 ounces and I haven’t even put away 32 so far.  This is proving more difficult than I thought.



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