30 Days on the Raw Side: Day 1

This is the first day of my raw food challenge.  I slept for about seven hours last night.  I did wake up at 3:30am for some reason but fell back to sleep.  I haven’t been waking during the night since we converted to vegan so I don’t know what last night’s wake up was about.

The Food

  • Breakfast – 3 cups Green smoothie (2 bananas, 2oz strawberries, 1/2 C coconut water, 1/2 C apple juice, 1.5 oz Kale, 1.5 oz Spinach)
  • Morning Snack – 1 Banana, 1 Cutie, 1 really large Apple
  • Lunch – 4.5 oz Grapes, 5.75 oz Cantaloupe, 1 oz Tomato, 2.5 cups Misc Smoothie ( 1 cup orange juice, 2.5 oz blueberries and 6.5 oz mixed salad greens and veggies)
  • Afternoon Snack – 1 Cutie, 1 really large Apple
  • Dinner – Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Mango, Kiwi (1.32 lbs) and 0.62 lbs Watermelon
  • Evening Snack – 1 Banana (haven’t eaten this yet but planning to before bed)
  • Water – 40 ounces
  • Calories – 1734.5 (Carbs 92.3% / Protein 4.8% / Fat 2.9%)
  • Fiber – a whopping 52.4 grams!

The Exercise:

  • I walked around the rink for 30 minutes this morning (this included stairs up and down the stands on each end).

The Results:

  • I weighed, took measurements, and completed a fitness test yesterday.  I won’t have anything to report until next Friday.

The Effects:

  • I woke up looking more refreshed than I have lately.
  • I had a mild headache after breakfast that stuck with me through the walk.
  • I had a little bit of a “freak-out” moment when I was trying to figure out how much and what food to carry with me while I ran errands.  I wanted to avoid getting too hungry and I just didn’t know how much to take.
  • By 4pm I’m usually very tired but I felt quite energized today.
  • The “Misc Smoothie” that I made did not taste very good.  I used the salad that the Husband bought for me earlier.  I think the celery, onion, and cucumber overpowered the entire thing.  Blech!
  • I really enjoyed the sweet, crunchy apples and juicy grapes.
  • The cravings for cooked food were with me off and on today.  I especially wanted some tortilla chips and black bean chili.  The only thing that kept me from ditching this project by the time evening came was knowing I would have to post that I couldn’t even make it through one day.
  • It’s past time for bed… I have a headache… and I’m exhausted.

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