Fast Forward a Couple of Months

I’ve been on quite the journey since my last post.  I think I’ve fully recovered from the concussion and even participated in a 10K.  On October 4th the Husband and I decided to completely alter our dietary practices after watching the documentary, Forks Over Knives.  We began moving toward a Vegan lifestyle, and by October 9th, all animal byproducts were out of our diet.  We have been eating this way for just over two months.

I’ve lost a little weight but not enough to get excited about.  My body is going through a transition period.  I wish it would respond as quickly as the Husband’s seems to be.  I guess this is part of the price I pay for all those years of dieting.  I’ve been reading about raw food lately too and leaning more in that direction.  I just began following the advice of Alison Andrews to not limit calories.  I am confident I’ve gained a few pounds since I started trying to increase my food intake.  She says that’s normal for former starve/binge dieters and that things should go the other direction.  I’m considering trying this “raw, high fruit” thing for thirty days straight.  No supplements, no processed or cooked foods.  I wonder what would happen?  I can’t afford to go have my blood drawn and a battery of tests run.  So what could I track?  Would I see any noticeable change in thirty days without those tests?

Hmm, I think I could begin on Friday.  I would like to put myself through a fitness test first (I could do that tomorrow) so I can compare the results at the end of thirty days.  Tomorrow I’ll post more details, must go brainstorm about this a bit.


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