a junkie moment

I’m feeling pretty low today.  The seemingly constant fatigue is getting to me.  I really thought I’d be recovered already.  I think how I view everything is tainted right now.  I’m frustrated, irritated and so not in the mood to deal with anything.  I’m in “hermit-mode”.  The only problem is, my schedule doesn’t lend itself to hermit behavior.  So, I must walk among the other humans and pray I don’t take my frustration and irritation out on anyone else.

Chocolate sounds good right about now… which reminds me of a commercial I saw the other day.  I don’t typically watch commercials but as the remote was set out of my reach (I was laid out on the sofa), I just let the commercials play.  This Hershey’s commercial got my attention because it refers to chocolate as “pure joy” and “pure fun”.  This commercial offers up “pure simplicity” and “pure happiness”.  Or how about “pure togetherness” and “pure enjoyment”.  I think we chocoholics believe all of this on some level, otherwise, why turn to it when we feel sad, over worked, chaotic, unhappy, lonely and bored?  Those chocolate people sing “I’ll stop the world and melt with you.”  Isn’t that want we really want?  We want the world to just stop for a moment and let us catch our breath.  Great ad campaign Hershey, this addict wants to run to the store for a fix.  Yeah, chocolate sounds really good right now.


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