Weigh in: Week 1

I’ve been “on plan” for a week.  At times it has been really difficult and at other times… well, less difficult.  During the week the song that spoke to me most was Matthew West’s, “The Motions”.  Listen to it and see what you think.

“What if I had given everything?”  That question was tattooed on my mind.  What if I did my best this week with the food?  What if I made healthy choices?

Well, I did make healthy choices, with God’s help.  He provided some serious results this week.  The scale says I’m down seven pounds.  Yes, you read that right… SEVEN!  That’s an average of a pound a day.  Now, I am not expecting that to be the norm each week but that’s a really incredible start.  So I’m thanking and praising the Lord for this today.

As I’ve mentioned before, I take one day off of the nutrition plan each week.  That’s typically going to be Friday.  I will not feel guilty for anything I eat today.  Nope, this is part of the plan so I’m going to enjoy it.  Exercise wasn’t as good as week’s past but I was more focused on the eating so that’s understandable.  I did push through a really tough TaeKwonDo class so I’m proud of that.

Alrighty, time to move on to a new week!


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