“who’s yer buddy”

No one can go it alone.  No one.  It may work for a while but eventually we need help.  If God is your only help, He is sufficient for sure.  Of course, one cannot discount the fact that He declared, “It is not good for the man to be alone.”  He gave Adam a “helper suitable” known as Eve.  God built us for relationship with Him but He also made us to have relationships here on earth.  He didn’t intend for us to travel life “alone” and so it stands to reason that having a “buddy” in this journey to better health could be a valuable asset.

A few weeks ago a friend said she was ready to get back into shape.  We have shared this journey before but in the past our focus has been very much on the “external” result.  Our motivations have changed and we’ve recommitted.  It is good to have someone who can relate with what you’re going through.  I know that she’s going to understand where I’m coming from when I’m having a bad day.  I also know that she isn’t going to let me make excuses.  This friend is long distance but since that’s how we met (yep, our friendship started on a message board) it has always been this way.

I have a second buddy, one who isn’t trying to lose weight but rather take care of her body right where it’s at.  I will see this woman every week and have asked if I can be accountable to her by telling her how my weigh in goes.  She’s also convinced me to walk with her for an hour on that day.  Knowing that I’ll have to look her in the eye and admit to whatever I did during the week is a pretty big motivator.

Not everyone we know would make a good buddy.  Some will let us off the hook too easily, some will be too harsh.  However, picking the right one is worth the effort.


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