It’s been a few days since I’ve had time to do much of anything on the computer.  While it was rather a nice little break from the world of inboxes and such, my eating habits didn’t fare so well.  In fact, I will be adding some bricks back to my “tower”.

I won’t say that “things are settling down” because the opposite is true.  What I can say is that my brain seems to be “settling in”.  I’m not looking forward to seeing the scale but I am looking forward to getting my eating habits back on track.  I still have goals I want to reach.  For example, there is a writing course I’ve wanted to take for a while.  I’ve set a poundage amount that I must drop before I can enroll.  Hopefully that will be motivating!

You may be wondering about my messy office.  Well, It is looking better than it was.  It’s still a bit messy but I’m sitting at my desk typing right now and not on the sofa.  I can even walk about in here now.  That feels pretty good.


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