Sweet Sleep

Last night I had a battle.  I wanted ice cream (part of my nightly ritual).  Exhausted, the last thing I wanted to do was make myself stay on plan.  I didn’t even have the energy to go into my office and pull off a brick.  However, I was able to pray silently while I lay on the sofa.  The Husband was at the store, the kids were in bed and so I lay there asking God whether I should have ice cream or not.  I couldn’t tell which voice I should listen to as all the thoughts bombarded my mind at once.  So, I prayed, “Lord, I’ll wait till he gets home and if he has some, I’ll have some too.”

I don’t remember him getting home.  I fell asleep moments after that prayer.  After the Husband got home, he put me to bed.  Incidentally, he did have ice cream last night while I slept.  Today I took down another brick and wrote a prayer of thanks on it for being rescued from my temptation.

Again, I’m not saying ice cream is “bad”, it’s just not “beneficial” to the health and wellness of my body.


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