If I took down a brick for every food thought I’ve had since I started this thing… they would all be down by now.

yum… oatmeal creme pie

Sorry, that was another one.  Apparently I think about food a lot.  I mean… A LOT!  Two of my kids got brackets put on their bottom teeth today.  The nurse said they should have soft foods for a few days so that meant a trip to the grocery store.  Why on earth do they have a HUGE display of cookies and cakes and pastries right when you walk in the door?  You have to walk around it to get into the store.  Then, they have a place where kids can get a “free kids’ cookie”.  Of course my kids want one.

yum… cookies

So I’m walking through the store trying to come up with what we’ll have for dinner tonight, especially since two kids must eat soft foods.  Suddenly I have a thought like:

Ugh, I really don’t like fixing dinner.  We should just order pizza.

Seriously brain?  Pizza is so not on my nutrition plan.  I picked up a couple of steaks and some veggies instead.  Half the kids will have to eat ravioli anyway (sore mouth).  I had dinner worked out and had some boxes of “mac ‘n cheese” for the kids to have for lunch.  It is at this point that I realize I’m hungry and wondering what I will have for lunch.

ooo… Oreos!

I walked clear to the other end of the store (away from the Oreos strategically placed by the milk) and picked up a ready-made salad.  I knew I had dressing at the house.  Then I made a beeline for the checkout line.  You know, the lines you wait in while staring at junk magazines and junk food conveniently packaged for your momentary enjoyment.

snickers, and milkyway and hershey, OH MY!

I’ve eaten the salad.  I’m still hungry.

Sweet fancy Moses, we have cream cheese frosting in the pantry!

The dog is barking to come inside, which is grating on my last nerve (we’re trying to ignore him to break him of this habit).

Dude, is that pudding in the fridge?  (drool)

I’m feeling weak.  Really, really weak.  The kids are beginning to argue in the other room.  More barking.  Something in the dryer keeps dinging against the side with every rotation… ding, ding, ding.  Probably that pair of overalls.  Is that a train I hear?  Would somebody make that dog stop barking?!

coffee! coffee!!  coffee with cocoa!!!

No, I can’t give in.  I can’t.  Help me, Lord!  Give me a verse, a Word… something…


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